Not too long ago Arizona had one of the most successful economies in the country. We were universally recognized for our low unemployment rates and booming construction and housing markets.

Today we struggle to overcome the serious effects of the worst recession in a generation. Far too many Arizonans lost jobs and lost homes. Many lost hope.

What you can do: Vote for the individual who will best represent you in the state legislature. Who you vote for will make a real difference in the priorities and fiscal policies that guide our state.

I am a strong fiscal conservative with the background, experience and abilities necessary to make a positive difference for our district.

I will work for:
  • Economic development that creates more and better jobs
  • Cost-effective educational opportunities
  • Adequate funding for police, fire and emergency services

Please get involved. Learn about all of the candidates running for office. Once you do, I believe you will find that I am the best and most qualified candidate to represent you. I ask for your support and for your vote.

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